TIGER SETJET 2.1 Down The Hole Hammer (DTH)

Percussive DTH Hammer for quarriying, underground drilling, exploration and civil engineering applications. Tiger 2.1 Down The Hole Hammer is a latest technology product, that it has high impact frequency also at lower pressures. The failure risk is minimized by the superior design which reduced the quantity of the parts. Tiger 2.1 Down The Hole is prepared for most difficult with its hardened body and specially distinguished piston material based on the Tiger DTH. Air consumption of the hammer at 6 bar pressure is 2.1 m3 / min. When we think compressor annoyances at the work sites, this value becomes an important specialty, other technical instruction of the hammer is as given.

Outside Diameter: 74 mm

Hammer Length: 723 mm

Hammer Weight: 16 kg

Drilling Bit Weight: 3.6 kg

Drilling Diameter: min. 85 mm

Operating Pressure: 6 – 25 bar

Air Consumption (at 6 bar): 2.1 m3/dk


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