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SET-A Makina A.Ş.

Founded in Ankara in 1991, SET MAKİNA TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ aimed to service the enterprises in natural Stone business.

Since our perception of service reaches far beyond selling machinery, we developed a solid reputation in our sector as a competent problem, solver and a master of customer satisfaction.

As our loyal customers and our product mix grow, we invested in new facilities such as our new headquartes in Ostim, Ankara where we centralized our management and production in early 2000.

We also service the construction and mining sectors with our top quality equipment, business principles, ethics and a high Standard in production.

Our brand of Tiger drillers gained the market leadership position in Turkey in a short time. The drillers are now exported to many EU and Middle Eastern Countries.

By representing G.M.M., Pellegrini, Marini, Garrone, Steinex, Comandulli became one of the top suppliers of quarry machinery and disposables in Turkey as well.

Our pursuit of excellence will continue in production, sales and service as we continue to grow with your confidence and our experience.

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