Tigerline Block Driller With Chain Feeding

  • The TigerLine is a modern machine to drill holes fastly for main cutting and for sizing the blocks in granite, marble and natural stone quarries.
  • It is practical and carriable easily.
  • Easy to mount and ready to drill.
  • The hammer is drived by the chain.
  • The speed of the feeding can be adjusted from the control panel which controls the speed of movement of the hammer in up/down direction as desired speeds.
  • Also the speed of the feeding can be adjusted by the specialities of the rock types which effects the speed of drilling.
  • There is a routable control panel and central lubricating unit.
  • To drill horizontal holes without being affected by the surface; TigerLine II has 3m of rails which are stabilized by wedges that are in the short drill holes.


Height : 3.3 m

Rail Length : 3 m

Rail Weight : 65 kg

Control Stand Weight : 5 kg

Column Weight : 45 kg

Total Air Consumption : 4,00 m3/dak

Total Weight (Without Rock-Drill): 150 kg

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