TIGER YT24 Pneumatic Air Leg Rock Drill

Most fit for drilling horizontal and inclined blastholes in medium-hard and hard rock with a hardness of (f8-18) It may also be used for making roof bolting holes. The drill is an important instrument in mining, railway, communication and water conservancy projects.

  • May be used together with FT140BC or FT140BD Air-Leg and FY200B Line Oiler with transparent The tool can also be mounted on a rig or a wagon.
  • Grouped control mechanism, quick to start up, with air-on, water-on, air-off, water-off’ mechanism, easy operation and maintenance.
  • Energy-saving and efficent, long service life of parts, parts hilighly interchangeable and reliable
  • Different from similar product particulary in its high efficiency, strong flushing and powerful torque.

L x W x H: 678x228x184 mm

Operating Pressure: 6 bar

Impact Rate : 31 Hz

Air Consumption (at 6 bar): 60 l/s

Shank Size: 22×108 mm

Air Pipe Diameter : 8 mm

Water Pipe Diameter : 5 mm

Drilling Diameter: 34 – 42 mm

Piston Stroke: 70 mm

Weight: 24 kg


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