TIGER YSP45 Stopper Pneumatic Air Leg Vertical Rock Drill

Model YSP45 Stopper is made of drill work in mining and shaft finking and able to drill up-holes and holes 60°to 90° to the horizontal plane. The stopper may be used for setting roof bolts or raising. The drill is suitable for drilling in rocks with a hardness of f8-18.

To ensure good lubrication and wet drilling, the drill is equipped with water-air combination mechanism and an attached Model FY500 Line Oiler.

Weight kg 45
Length  mm 1500
Cylinder dia. mm ø95
Piston stroke   mm 47
Working pressure  Mpa  0.5  0.63
Impact rate   Hz  ≥42  ≥45
Air consumption   l/s  ≤100  ≤113
Impact power  J  ≥68  ≥75
Torque N.m  ≥18  ≥32
Rotation speed  rpm  ≥350  ≥375
Drilling speed   mm/min  ≥410  ≥500
Noise level   db ≤132
Hose size (air) mm  Ø25
Hose size (water) mm  Ø13
Feed length mm  720
Bore dia.  mm  Ø34 ~ Ø42
Drilling depth  m  6
Shank size ( hex*1)  mm  22*108±1


FY500 Line Oiler

Weight kg 4
Capacity ml 500


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