TIGER Y20 Hand Held Pneumatic Rock Drill

Model Y20 Hand – Held Rock Drill is intended for dry drilling downward and inclined blast in medium hard and hard rock (f8-1 8).

The rock drill is mainly used in small quarries, mines for drilling, blasting for constructing road inmoutain areas, water conservancy works in capital construction, also for secondary blasting in large mines and other projects. Model FY200B Line

Oiler is incorporated into the drill for lubricating during operation.

*TIGER Y20 Hand Held Rock Drill is produced by Tiger Technologies.

L x W x H: 605 x 485 x 120 mm

Operating Pressure : 6 bar

Impact Rate : 30 Hz

Air Consumption : (at 6 bar): 22 l/s

Shank Size : 22×108 mm

Water Pipe Diameter : 5 mm

Drilling Diameter : 34 – 40 mm

Piston Stroke : 50 mm

Weight: 18 kg


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