Tiger Hydrodrill Hydraulic Drilling Machine

It is drilling machine to prepare big diameter holes that the diamond wire will pass through, at marble and granite quarries. It is also used to prepare holes for blast holes at various mining processes.

  • Hydraulic rotation and movement
  • In vertical and horizontal situation, to be able to drill angled holes,
  • It can reach 25-30 m drilling depths without lateral deviations.
  • High drilling speed
  • Wheeled Hydraulic Power Unit for easy carriage.

DTH Hammer Working Pressure : 6 Bar

Drilling Diameter : 76 – 90 mm

Drilling Speed : 40-50 cm/dk (mermer için)

Drilling Speed : 30 cm/dk (granit için)

Maximum Depth of Drilling : 35-40 m

Total Weight (Main Column) : 210 kg

Toplam Ağırlık (Power Unit) : 200 kg



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