TIGER GRANFILL Diamond Wire Saw Machine (50 / 60 / 75 hp) (for granite)

Diamond Wire Saws are equipped with main motor power of 50/60/75 HP and electrical motor which has high starting torque allows to reach 40 m/s linear wire speed. The cuffing speed of the machine is controlled by an electronic board which provide constant wire tension and allows to stop the machine and pulley in fault condition or wire breakage. Using 1280 mm wide rail and more heavy casting enable more stable operation of this machine during the cutting process. Servo motor( 1 HP) enables the machine to move quickly on the rails, rotation of main pulley is provided by main motor (50/60/75 HP), linear movements of head (right:250 mm, left:250 mm) is provided by motor (0,75 HP) and rotation of head is provided by motor ( 1, 5 HP) in control panel. The control panel can be positioned on ground away from the working area.The machine has 2 rail which each rail is 3 m long.

Motor Power : 50 – 60 – 75 hp

Motor RPM : 750 – 1000 rpm

Wire Max. Linear Speed : 40 m/s

Rail Length : 3+3 m

Auxiliary Motor Power : 1 hp servo motor

Main Flywheel Diameter : 800 mm

Width : 140 cm

Length : 195 cm

Height : 162 cm

Weight (Rail 3m) : 75 kg

Weight (Control Unit) : 26 kg

Weight 60hp (Except rails) : 1710 kg

Weight 75hp (Except rails) : 1760 kg


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