TIGER EXPLORER Hydraulic Coring Machine

An “EXPLORER” drill is the ideal machine for explorational coring of the subsoil. Completely hydraulic, it consists of a sled, on which the rotation head slides, mounted on a practical tubular-structure trailer equipped with wheels, directional shaft and outriggers, that permit
easy transport and positioning. When correctly used with a suitable tool, and depending on
the material to be cored, the EXPLORER can reach depths of 15- res.

  • The machine is easy to transport from place to place due to coupling and drawbolt on the front frame,
  • To assemble and disassemble the machine is simple.
  • No needed electricity.
  • For marble and granite, tubular frame complete with n° 4 sprangs, 360° rotating fifthwheel, column fixing brackets and wheel mounted for trailing.

Core Diameter : Ø45 mm

Rod Length : 1500 mm

Coring Depth : 15 – 25 m

Petrol Engine : 23 hp

Battery : 12 V, 36 AH

Total Weight : 485 kg

Total Weight (with cover) : 520 kg


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