TIGER DACH Pneumatic Drilling Unit

It is a modern,simple and powerful drilling machine which is powered by pressure air. In engineering application, this machine is used for 76 mm and 96 mm diameter holes to different mission.

  • Only Pressure air is sufficient for the drilling with TIGERDACH.
  • The machine doesn’t require power sources such as electricity, Hydraulic Power pack etc.
  • This machine, allows easy drilling, is light enough to be moved, powerful drilling machine.
  • It is a safe drilling machine in terms of job security.
  • Equipped with pneumatic rotation motor, chain feeding & DTH.hammer.
  • Can be use for vertical, horizontal & Angular drilling.
  • Drilling depth maximum is: 20-25 m without lateral deviation.
  • High Drilling Speed. (Granite:10 cm/min. ; Calcareous Rocks-Limestone: 20-25 cm /min.)
  • It can be assembled and re-assembled easily and it can be carried easily even by hand.

Drilling Diameter: 76 – 90 mm

Drilling Speed: 25 – 30 cm/min (limestone)

Max. Drilling Depth:  20 – 25 m

Air Consumption : 4.5 m3/min

Operating Pressure : 6 bar

Total Weight (except DTH Hammer): 360 kg


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